I firmly believe that Celiac disease should not prevent us from a fulfilling, ‘normal’ diet.  Ree, (the oldest, nickname) was diagnosed in the summer of 2008, Diva in the fall of 2010. From that we have made an assumption that the rest of us are probably at least intolerant since the diet makes us ALL feel better.

Going gluten free was tough at first. We live in a small town where there are very few prepackaged gluten free items and what we can find is hit and miss.  But kids are not good at change. Actually, the first time we found GF mac and cheese poor Ree cried. In relief. It’s the little things. Driving an hour and half each way just to get some bread really isn’t worth it though. When we are in town we stock up on Annie’s GF mac and cheese but most things JUST aren’t worth the cost. So I learned to make it myself. Simply, easily and most importantly in our house, frugally.

So that’s what you’ll find here. The kind of food that a busy homeschooling, workaholic (if you ask hubby),  volunteering mom can make easily and frugally. You will also find tips, suggestions and advice. We have tried it ALL and I recommend you learn from my mistakes. Really. Tip one:  YOU, yes you, CAN make GF food taste just like the real thing. I promise.



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